The Development and Growth of the Center/ Center’s Growth and Development

Although the Mongolia-Japan Center for Human Resources Development does not directly benefit the market economy it provides the improvement of the human resources, develops the cooperation between Mongolia and Japan and strengthens mutual understanding between the two nations to strengthen the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), which began these activities in 2002 from a joint project between the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, and the National University of Mongolia. Now, improving human resources, providing education of the Japanese language and diplomacy are the principle directions that the activities it runs belong to. Since 2012 with the improvement of our Japanese education system, in terms of the activities between the two countries, we have been working with the Japan Foundation. Until now, with the efficient communication that has been established, it has come to function as the bridge between Mongolian and Japanese business.


January 22nd, 2002          JICA, with participation from the National University of Mongolia, began the first phase of the project

March 14th, 2002             The Japanese government issued a total of 4.43 million US dollars to aid the building and development of the Mongolia-Japan Center

June 21st, 2002                  His Royal Highness Prince Akishino of Japan and Her Royal Highness Princess Kiko were present at the opening ceremony of the Center and initiated its commencement.

January 22nd, 2007          The second phase of the project began (which lasts up until January 21st, 2012)

July 16th, 2007                   After the Center’s 5-year anniversary, His Royal Highness Prince Naruhito of Japan came to visit

July 3rd, 2009                     Overlapping client count reaches 1,000,000

January 22nd, 2012          The project to develop the collective human resources for JICA began

April 1st, 2012                    The Japan Foundation’s project for a language center began

April 13th, 2012                 The Center became a component of the National University of Mongolia

June 21st, 2012                  An event to celebrate the Center’s 10-year anniversary was organized

April 22nd, 2015                The project to develop human resources and strengthen mutual understanding began

April 11th, 2016                 Overlapping client count reaches 2,000,000

June 21st, 2017                  The Center’s 15-year anniversary