First floor

Reception: Please inquire here. New information about the courses and activities is available. Those who are coming to the training and those who are going to the library will hang your clothes here.

Lobby: Newspapers can be viewed here freely. On the chalkboard, announcements, information and exhibitions on joint activities between Mongolia and Japan can be found and computer information is available. A 42-inch flat-screen TV shows a live show of Japanese scenes and professional bulletins.

Library: The regsitration is required. It has 62 seats. There are 7 seats available for Internet service, 4 seats for video, DVDs. There are shelves of material on a regular magazine stand, study information in Japan, and official development assistance (ODA). The computers in the Internet corner have Japanese, English and Mongolian fonts. Printing and copying services will be charged for payment.

Main hall 1,2,3: Can be divided into three separated rooms by sliding wall. It is equipped with 150 chairs and a single chair. It is equipped with multi-purpose training devices such as projectors, microphones, DVDs, codoscopes (OHP and OHS).


Second floor

Meeting room 202, 203: It is possible to use non-governmental, non-profit organizations and administrative offices in Japan and Mongolia. Mailboxes and fax reception services. If you want to order the room applications will be required.

Computer course  room 206: Computer course is being held with 20 computer computers and 1 computer for teacher.

Japanese language courses room 204, 205: Sliding wall divided into 2 separated room with 30 seats. It is suitable for meetings, conferences, training seminars and so on.