Mongolia-Japan Center Forum
Objective: The main goal of the Mongolia-Japan Center is to promote partnership and deepen mutual understanding between Mongolia and Japan. Toward this goal, we hold a Mongolia-Japan Center Forum and participants will learn about conditions in Mongolia, investigate problems, and develop solutions.
Agenda:    Experts and researchers from Mongolia and Japan will give lectures and presentations, and participants will engage in dialogue on the issues.
Оролцогчид:    The people of Mongolia and Japan
The Forum has been held six times in the past.

5th Forum March 17, 2006             “Rural Development of Mongolia: Problems Facing Education in Rural Areas”
  1. Ms. Nergui, Senior Expert, General Education Sector, Education Department, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science of Mongolia
  2. Mr. Moria Tsutomu, Head of JICA Mongolia Office
  3. Ms. Nazguli, Training Programming Editor, Education Television
  4. Mr. J. Erdene, Director of Education and Culture Department of Gobi-Altai Aimag
  5. Mr. U. Chuluunbaatar, Director of Education and Culture Department of Zavkhan Aimag
  6. Mr. P .Oyunchimeg, Senior Expert of Education and Culture Department of Zavkhan Aimag
  7. Mr. D. Sengedorj, Director of Education and Culture Department of Sukhbaatar Aimag
Number of participants: 93
4th Forum March 18, 2005           “Rural Development of Mongolia: The Current State of Economic Activities”
  1. Mr. G. Zandanshatar, Member of Parliament
  2. Mr. T. Shimizu, Consul, Embassy of Japan
  3. Mr. B. Choijilsuren, former Mayor of Bayankhongor Aimag
  4. Mr. R. Dagvadorj, Representative of Gobi-Altai Aimag
  5. Mr. O. Gankhuyag, Representative of Dundgobi Aimag
  6. Mr. B. Myadavj, Representative of Umnugobi Aimag
  7. Mr. M. Ankhbayar, Representative of Uvs Aimag
Number of participants: 111
3rd Forum December 11, 2003       “Migration to Ulaanbaatar, and population density”
  1. Mr. P. Gansukh, Director, Finance and Economics Department; Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science of Mongolia
  2. Ms. A. Solongo, Center for Population Studies, School of Economics, National University of Mongolia
  3. Ms. Ch. Bayanchimeg, Director, Ulaanbaatar City Statistics Board
  4. Ms. J. Gerelchimeg, Migration Issues Specialist, Ulaanbaatar City Municipal Government
  5. Ms. N. Narangerel, Director, Social Welfare Board
  6. Mr. S. Matsumoto, Inspector, JICA, Mongolia Office
  7. Mr. T. Tomihira, JICA Expert
Number of participants: 73
2nd Forum June 21, 2003         “Livestock herding in a market economy: Improving the trade in livestock products and its regulation.”
  1. Mr. B. Binye, Head of Strategy Planning Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Industry
  2. Mr. D. Batmunkh, Director, School of Management, Agriculture University of Mongolia
  3. Mori Shinichi, CEO, IMG Inc.
  4. Mr. Matsuda Masahiro, Inspector, General Strategy Planning Department, Agriculture Partnership Center
  5. Mr. Batmunkh, Vice President, Mongolian National Agriculture Partnership Association
Number of participants: 37
Mini Forum January 18, 2003       “Recent issues confronting Mongolian agriculture in a market economy”
  1. Mr. A. Enkh-Amgalan, Director, Political Strategy and Research Center
  2. Mr. A. Bakei, Vice Rector, Agriculture University of Mongolia
  3. Mr./Ms. Suzuki Yukio, JICA Expert
  4. Mr. Ch. Gankhuyag, Executive Director of Khas Bank
Number of participants: 37
1st Forum June 22, 2002              “Globalization and Development of Mongolia”
  1. Mr. Matsubara Masatake, Doctor, Professor, Ethnicity Institute of Japan
  2. Mr. Yasuda Osamu, Professor, International Development Department of Takushyoku University
  3. Mr. Batsaikhan, Member of Parliament and Head of Budget Committee
  4. Mr./Ms. Sasai Hiromi, Senior Expert, Department of State Education Policy and Survey
  5. Mr. N.Begz, Director, Educational Institute of the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science of Mongolia
Number of participants: 158