Hall serve and Contract Work

Serving with “showing a mannerly and trust-worthy attitude, a calm environment at an affordable price” in mind.

Hall serve

During times when the Mongolia-Japan Center for Human Resources Development’s hall is not in use by the Center, it is available for hire. As the Center wants the hall to be served, its general management will allow for different sectors of the Center to collaborate.

  • In terms of dimensions, the room can hold from around 12 to 156 seats. Also 20 appointed computers are available.
  • The price for the hall rental covers the use of tables, chairs, speaker, projector, video player, DVD player, ОНР, ОНС, notice board and white board.


Introduction for the contract work

Based on external requests, the price of hire can be negotiated. It is possible to present in the hired hall together. The different sectors of the Center can collaborate. (If it is an introduction from a company the business sector can join, if it is related to a Japanese language union the language sector can join if asked for.)

  • Services can be carried out between lessons, seminars and company meetings (such as preparations for advertisement running, banner and board preparations, production of lists of the names of participants, production of registration and hosting receipts, lunches and snacks and other tea-place like services)
  • Company presentations and meetings with them exactly how they are
  • Japanese language education
  • Translating documents between Japanese and Mongolian as well as verbal translation
  • Printing and compiling material
  • Booking hotel rooms and hiring cars
  • Organization of other necessary services


Examples of recent contractual services

  • Meeting between the Hokkaido company and Mongolian company union (Hokkaido’s economics, sales, place of production and Hokkaido state administration)
  • Japan’s traditional comedic performance by “ракүго” (a Japanese old care sales service company)
  • Kimono show (a Japanese non-governmental kimono distribution organization)
  • A Japanese artistic expression competition (Niigata’s international relations union)

Other than the mentioned uses of the hall rental and applicable contract, it is suitable to a huge range of other activities have arrived.

    If you would like to organize an activity with our center, please