To Strengthen Mutual Understanding Between Two Nations

For people who would like to be introduced to the culture of Japan or desire to learn more, and activities to develop mutual cooperation and strengthen relations between the two nations.



Mongolia’s first open library. You can read Japanese monthly magazines, Japanese and Mongolian daily magazines, and books written in Japanese, Mongolian and Japanese. Additionally, you may watch Japanese TV dramas and anime films in the hall. There are also services for lending books, copying documents, printing documents and using the internet.


Information fair about Japanese studies

Every year on the first weekend of October an event where representatives of Japanese universities come and provide introductions about their own universities is organized. Other than that from Benefactors of Japanese students (JASSO) and from the Japanese embassy updates on students studying in Japan will be received. In regards to the library, there are around 200 in a corner and every last Friday of every month we hold one-on-one counselling on learning Japanese.


Open seminar

Three to four times a year teachers from the National University of Mongolia, people who hold academic degrees from Japan and Japanese specialists who live and work in Mongolia are invited as speakers to present interesting topics in an open seminar.


Club activities for those who are interested in the Japanese language

On every last Friday of each month activities are fun for those who are interested in the Japanese language as well as classes taught on Japan’s language, culture as well as daily life.


Introductory classes on Japan’s language and culture

For those who are interested in the Japanese language and culture, an introductory class in the form of a traditional Japanese festival is held four to five times a year. These are done to celebrate the Lunar New Year, girls’ day, children’s day and the moon-viewing festival.


Japanese film day

Once a month, a Japanese film is played with subtitle translations.


Special program for Japanese tourists

For tourists visiting Mongolia in their travels there is a special program that is run. Participants of this program have the chance to develop a much more detailed understanding of Mongolia and Ulaanbaatar, sit through a 2-hour Mongolian language class and have a 2-hour chat with the Japanese language students which also allows for them to be made more aware of the two countries’ joint projects.