Events for the 5th Anniversary of the Mongolia-Japan Center
The Mongolia-Japan Center organizes many activities, events and training courses to develop skilled human resources in a market economy while promoting Mongolia-Japan relations.

Moreover, M. Enkbold, the Prime Minister of Mongolia, and Ichihashi Yasuyoshi, Ambassador of Japan, were invited to the 5th Anniversary events. Prime Minister M. Enkhbold said, “the Mongolia-Japan Center makes valued contributions to human resource development in Mongolia, toward the goal of building a rapidly-growing economy based on sustainable development.” 

During the event, representatives and guests were introduced to the activities and courses of the center, origami lessons, elementary computer courses, and traditional stories. In addition, a permanent showcase was created for 5th Anniversary, in front of the Center. It is a 180x50 cm display made of glass and nickel rod, containing notes and memories from the event along with the flags of the two countries and the JICA logo.